About us

This is our story

Established in the Dutch capital, our Amsterdam-based eyewear label is all about staying unique and not being afraid to make a statement. Designed by the underground scene of the city, the brand represents those who turn old fashion into timeless fashion.

We are on a quest to inspire the global youth with innovative yet nostalgic eyewear. By building on historic fashion successes of the 70s and combining them with daring and ultra-modern silhouettes of the present, our team offers true pieces of art ánd time.

However, to wear such a piece is to be confident and authentic. That is our mission. That is our purpose. We strive to create a community of distinctive and joyful individuals.

Life is short and time is precious. Be your unique self, and wear it with pride.


Our actions do the talking. We inspire others by our way of being, more so than by what we say or do. We are not scared to fly high first, we know it will inspire others. We rise by lifting.


The authentic self is the soul made visible. It’s about erasing the gap between what you firmly believe inside and what you reveal to the outside world. We must be fearlessly authentic. You must bravely be you. Always.


Besides their supreme style we share the peaceful hippie mindset of the 70s too. We bring nothing but open hearts and open minds. We don't judge each other for our differences. On the contrary, we celebrate diversity! We unite and bring together.